Thursday, March 17, 2011

76/365 March 17, 2011 The ladies

Granted, I haven't taken many opportunities to photograph Velma and myself, however I have tried one or two times. To be quite frank, Velma looks stunning in EVERY picture I've ever taken of her. Me, on the other hand, suffer from some weird disease in pictures with her... I somehow always end up looking extremely goofy & unattractive!

Except here.

I'm going to cherish this picture. Maybe even frame it. Velma has become a precious and valued friend! I so enjoy her company (and that of her family). She is amazing in so many ways, which I've alluded to in previous posts. She is kind, fun loving, belly laughing, caring, open, so darned smart, creative, funny... all SORTS of good things. 

Sometimes the people you cherish most possess those ingredients in your life that you wish you were better at. Maybe some of those awesome qualities will rub off on me.

Plus, I love having gorgeous friends. They make me look better!