Monday, March 21, 2011

03/14/11 Leaving the Queen Mary & Boarding the Paradise

Good morning from the Queen Mary! While Scooby-Doo was somewhat freaked out  last night  with sleeping on the haunted Queen Mary, he fell asleep quickly and slept soundly.

This lovely morning finds us all excited to board the Carnival Paradise and begin our cruise experience. We cater to Scooby-Doo's request for french toast and enter the Queen Mary dining room for breakfast. 

Shaggy, catching up on today's Facebook updates:
Daphne as we wait to check in to Paradise.
Why Shaggy? Cuz he's also known as The Instigator! Evidence below:
The Coop:
The lovely Velma texting summer plans for Daphne and Scrappy:
Next up: Russian Submarine Tour.

The boys were SUPER excited to check this piece of history out.
The capitan was 6ft 5in... looking at the beds and size of the ship, I have NO idea how he managed to live in here.
The entire sub (that was saw) was FILLED with tubes, wires, knobs, wheels and an assortment of mechanical devices to run the sub. Amazing!!! The bottom right picture was the room the 27 men who weren't currently on duty occupied during their hours off. Insane, if you ask me!

Next up? Get in line, boarding zone 1, for entering Carnival's Paradise!
Daphne, all smiles in her adorable cowboy hat. Scooby-Doo and Scrappy playing with Halo toys in the background.
Above: Scooby-Doo, aka Mr. Cool

Below: Shaggy
 Coop talking techno iPAD stuff, I'm sure
On board Velma and Lisa enjoy sample massages: hot rock AND bamboo stick. A unique experience and the perfect way to relax.
We boarded quickly and after checking out our rooms headed up on deck to hang out till the boat departed.
Scooby-Doo and Scrappy had a great time trying to get close to the sea gulls sitting on the boat.
Soon it was too chilly (for Lisa) to stay up top so the group headed below. We checked out camp carnival and then it was time for dinner! We met the most fabulous head waiter, Deden... we'd have to try and seat in his area again! One of the bar servers came by with shots... I couldn't resist and we ordered a round. Delicious! What a great way to start the boat portion of our trip.