Saturday, March 26, 2011

03/18/11 Debarking the Paradise

OOOh, I don't feel so good! I think I'm running a fever and my tummy hurts!

Sad to see our cruise come to an end, but based on how I'm feeling, maybe this is a good thing?

We are off the boat before 8 am and on the road shortly after.  This is VERY good as Nancy MUST be home to see KU play today at 3:45. We've got a strict time line to stick to here, people!

At 9 am we stop for breakfast... what??? My credit card # has been stolen? After a quick and painless call to the bank, the card is canceled and a new one is en-route to me. Dad calls about 20 minutes later to confirm the house is in order so the naughty folks must have snatched my card # elsewhere.

Velma and I are driving... but I'm not much of a co-pilot as I sleep on and off most the ride home.

This panoramic cracks me up. The littlest boys are playing on the iPod touches. The biggest boys are playing with their new iPads. And Daphne? Yup, that's her under the soft yellow blanket, watching a movie on Coop's phone.

Nancy is a cheerful navigator amusing herself with people watching while we drive home.
As for me? I think I'm ready to be home, take some drugs and sleep off this fever!
What a fabulous trip! I sincerely hope we get to repeat again soon (like maybe next year???)