Wednesday, March 23, 2011

03/16/2011 Ensenada, Mexico

Welcome to Ensenada Mexico! 

This is our second (and last) stop on this cruise before we full fart (Norwegian for "full speed ahead!") back to Long Beach. The day dawned with more fog and grey skies, but soon the fog burned off and by the time Coop and Velma, Shaggy and Lisa were done with their (separate) couple's massages, it was time to head to shore. 

The mission? Hair braids for Daphne &  tequila shots for Coop, Shaggy and Lisa.

After sharing a bus into town with some rowdy and loud college aged Spring Break-ers, we made it into town. Our merry band of seven had to wander for a while but were eventually successful with our missions.
Daphne found two lovely Mexican women to braid her hair. The boys wanted name bracelets. The salesman sub-contracted to a friend and we ordered a total of six of them! Between the two men, they made 6 beautiful bracelets in the time it took Daphne to get her hair braided.
Watching the man make the bracelets was fascinating. His fingers FLEW over the threads! Amazing. 

While we waited we enjoyed the beautiful (finally) warm weather... right up my alley!
The boys loved their bracelets and Daphne looks gorgeous in her braids
. So pretty!
Sadly, I saw this face a lot while on the boat... maybe it's a sign of his being 11 now?
 However, this picture turned out much better:
Back on the boat, the kids were ready to hit the pool and the adults were happy to oblige and soak up some rays of their own.
 The pool was a bit cold, so the kids ended up in the hot tub and eventually they all took a trip down the slide. 
 Velma and Lisa had a harrowing experience on deck after both children and husbands aborted to heard below deck for the days power nap. The action? Brown sea gulls took versus white sea gulls. The two lovely ladies nearly lost their lives... amidst a huge cacophony of noise something (presumably pooh) fell from the sky at the foot of Lisa's deck chair. Afraid to see where the spat landed, she froze while a neighboring lounger peeked over the end of her chair to discover... PIZZA!!! With the birds still fighting and cavorting overhead, someone was going to get an unwanted present on their head if no further action was taken. Their fellow sun bather moved the pizza, but a quick look between Lisa and Velma confirmed their afternoon of rest had come to a screeching halt. However, the girls had a great laugh over their adventure!
 No birds (nor loungers) were injured in the incident, unfortunately, Velma's sun glasses were not so lucky.
 After power naps, it was off to dinner with the wonderful Deden... the BEST head waiter on the Paradise by far. Funny, full of life and disappointed with us when we left the children behind he took excellent care of us!