Monday, March 21, 2011

03/15/2011 Catalina Island, California

Welcome to Catalina!!! It's a lovely gorgeous sunny (if somewhat chilly) morning as we peer out the window of our room to catch our first glimpse of Catalina. 

After Lisa and Dan grab a quick work out, shower & change it's time for breakfast before heading for land. Para sailing scheduled for 12:30 pm. All the "Meddling" kids and Lisa will take flight. Can't wait to see the island from up high!
On the tender over from the boat, we found this guy sunning himself on a buoy.
Too bad it's cold, these clear waters look SO inviting! Note to self: come visit this island again in the summer!
The kids HAD to check out the water before we wandered around the island.
Next up: golf cart tour of the city.
A few minutes into our island tour, the boys golf cart went kaput! The girls had to drive down to the dock to get a replacement vehicle for them. We came to their rescue and I got to drive my first golf cart EVER!!!
The golf course was spectacular. The smell of the fresh grass and loamy earth was like heaven.
We watched the fog roll in and with it the moderate warmth plummeted to down right cold. Soon, the entire cove was covered in fog. It was Scooby-Doo eerie as sounds were muffled and site significantly limited.
After returning the golf carts, we ducked into a shop for souvenir sweat shirts so we could stay warm. Finally warmer, we returned to the pier to check the status of para sailing was. Sadly, it was canceled due to the fog.

At the pier we opted for next steps. Scooby-Doo and Scrappy wanted to stay and jump in the waves. Daphne, Shaggy and Coop opted to head back when Velma and I volunteered to stay with the boys. The two must have jumped in the waves for almost 45 minutes before tiring and opting to return to the Paradise (and lunch!)
While the boys played and Velma kept an eye on them, I ducked into a shop to purchase a lanyard for Scooby-Doo's sign and sail card, a patch for Daphne and postcards for the folks back home.

I caught this image of a thoughtful smiling Velma enjoying our afternoon at the beach. I love how Velma finds joy in every moment at all times. Nothing ever seems to fluster, rush or panic her. I wish I were more like that. The Bible states that I should have that inner peace she so clearly exudes... yet lately, I find it elusive. Hmm, will have to introspect on that a while.

After lunch and hanging on deck, it was time for power naps, pre dinner drinks and people watching, dinner and a show.

Coop and Velma people watch.
Coop gives us THE Look.
The twins: Shaggy and Coop while the ladies grab Scrappy from Camp Carnival.