Monday, March 21, 2011

03/13/11 Aboard the Queen Mary

After telling the boys, when the asked, when we'd be there the response was always six hours (or longer ;o). Soon they saw the water and the pier and deduced we were getting close. 
Dan happily let the cool breeze into our room.

We checked into the Queen Mary and headed below deck to our rooms... which were very extravagant! Lovely!
  Our room had two bedrooms: a king size for Shaggy and I plus a twin for Scooby-Doo.
You can see Scooby-Doo's room through the door in the back corner of the room.
Sadly, we let slip at dinner that the boat was haunted... Joe wanted NOTHING to do with sleeping alone in that back room.
However, after two prayers of protection to Jesus, Scooby-Doo was reassured enough to try and sleep.
The ship truly is beautiful! The wood paneling so elegant as were the shop and dining areas.
 We asked at the gift shop if there was a penny machine. As luck would have it, THERE WAS!! Off we go in search of the penny machine and food! (Clam Chowder to be precise!)
I started collecting the stamped pennies in college after traveling various places. Scooby-Doo soon picked up on it as well and Daphne and Scrappy were willing to partake in the fun as well!
Posing with the Queen Mary... Bear?
LOOK!! Elusive proof of Shaggy's shenanigans...
Not our boat leaving dock. Bon Voyage, people!
It was so convenient to sleep right next to the Carnival dock... Coop's idea was FANTASTIC (only further supported once we tasted the clam chowder... YUM!)

Love this picture of Shaggy and Daphne. Who knows what yarn Shaggy is spinning...
The kids were fantastic as we drew on the table clothes and chatted the evening away.
I tried the trio of chowder... chorizo, corn and clam. The clam was most certainly the best!
Served with fresh hot bread? It was AMAZING!
Post dinner, the two families parted ways. Shaggy was soon snoozing while Lisa and Scooby-Doo watched the Amazing Race (which Daphne, Scrappy and Velma LOVE) so we could chat with them about the episode the next morning. 

A glorious and relaxing way to start our vacation!