Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18, 2011 Off to Camp

Leo picked up The Kiddo from school and brought him to the church so he could catch the bus up to weekend winter camp with our awesome church.

(above: template modified from Ali Edwards bread and butter set, paper from Amanda Rockwell)
Knee deep into and LOVING the 365 project, I of course had my camera on me. Funny that it was cloudy last year AND this year! In any case, I took about a million shots of the two of them goofing around. The above were some of my favorites. So many similar photos but the expressions (especially the Kiddo!) tell a story in and of themselves!
I even had Leo take a couple shots of the two of us (I'm trying harder to make sure I get in some shots as well).
I think this one embarrassed the Kiddo a bit:
But isn't that what good mothers do???
Then, Leo took off and I waited with the Kiddo while he got the rules and waved as his bus left. Of course, I HAD to embarrass again him by getting ON the bus to take a picture before they left. (Really, being a good mother and all!)
"Okay, Mom... really. What are you doing? Okay, you got your picture. You can go now. Ummm.. Please? Go? ... Yes... Bye!"
But when I was outside pretending to pick my nose and waving and blowing him a kiss... he waved and blew me a kiss back, too. Shh. Don't tell.

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