Wednesday, February 16, 2011

47/365 February 16, 2011 Early trip to Oregon

Leaving town on a whirl-wind trip to Oregon. Landing descended through oodles and ooldes of clouds! Was hoping to see the ground before we landed but didn't seem like we'd ever break through the clouds! Finally, after a safe touchdown, I arrived at the Hillsboro airport to find it had snowed earlier. Now? It's just drizzling. 

The President comes to Oregon Intel on Friday. As such, my favorite hotel was booked (which it wouldn't have been had I been smart enough to book the hotel when I booked the flight... oops!). I have a place to rest my weary head tonight. However after talking to a co-worker I'm a little fearful of the new 'digs'. I sure hope the new place is okay...

An unusual trip for me this time around. Not heading to the outlets to shop. Will Oregon economy survive? Will I? Withdrawal is a wicked thing..