Saturday, January 1, 2011

Project 365

Waking up late on New Years Day with my sweetie!

I've decided to do it again.

Last night in a groggy, slightly tipsy state of mind, I read through some of my favorite photo-blogs, including Shannon-Joy's 365 project. Inspired by her (and many others) work, I'm going to take on this project again this year.

The rules? There are none! No limits! You may see DSLR Picts, point and shoot Picts or cell phone Picts, but my goal is 1 pict posted to THIS blog everyday!

I did this project in 2008 and was maybe 60% to 70% successful. At that time I did NOT commit to posting to my blog at all, but really licensure idea (plus blurb makes it easy to make a book layer, love that!) Let's see how this year goes!

Will you promise to ping me if I miss a few days? I sure hope so!