Monday, January 31, 2011

31/365 January 31, 2011

We (and by we I mean Dan, the Linville's and I) have been planning to get tattoos together for at least 6 months. I'm not even sure who brought up the idea, Dan thinks it might have been Nancy, but over one of our Linville/Edney "play dates" the topic of tattoo's came up and who would get what. It snowballed from there. Why so long for us to actually get inked? Well I had to successfully (and by successful I mean just plain finish :) running my marathon prior to placing 26.2 permanently on my body. A badge of honor, if you will. 

Once the race was over, it was time to find a tattoo parlor and set a date. 

Handsomely inked friend Adrian from work shared Disciple Tattoo. After viewing their work on-line, we were in LOVE!!! So, after dinner on 1/29/11 we headed over to Disciple Tattoo for a looksie and to make appointments. Plan, 1/31/11 for our inking, starting at 5 pm.
I didn't settle on my tattoo until about 2 hours from 'go' time... but after researching online I totally changed from a flower on my foot to an aperture ring on my hip. It is so much more me. The other three have known since day 1 what they wanted. I (the tattoo veteran) was scheduled to go first, however due to the last minute changes, I wanted buy off from Dan before inking. As such, Nancy went first.

Nancy the brave got a GORGEOUSLY VIBRANT four leaf clover. Absolutely stunning. I LOVE it!
Next up, Me with my aperture, 26.2 and Philippians 4:13 verse. LOVE the way Rod scripted the letters. (We checked the spelling on Philippians about 10 times before inking!)
While I was getting mine done, Carlos started on Dan's Jerusalem Cross with Hebrew lettering.
Once I was done, it was Brad's turn to get his chillin' Caddy Shack Gopher (but not an angry gopher!) 
I think I speak for all of us when I say we couldn't be more pleased with the service we got at Disciple Tattoo. The shop is clean, the service great and the artwork INCREDIBLE!!! Thanks to Carlos, Rod and Dyonna for making our tattoo'ing adventure so much more than we expected... (and for offering up the NEXT adventure idea: Parachuting!)