Sunday, January 16, 2011

16/365 January 16, 2011 Marathon

I did it! (My Landshark Beer at Famous Dave's BBQ)

While there was much debate (at least in my OWN head) about my ability to finish this crazy 26.2 'race'... I somehow pulled it off. I wasn't speedy, it wasn't always pretty and I'm sure I could have pushed it more. BUT I had a reasonably good time and am not injured just sore. 

Highlights: Mile 6: seeing Jenn-friend's Mom! What a sweetie to come out and cheer me on! It was all I focused on for that first hour of the run.
Mile 9: Just happened to spy Sharee from our Israel trip standing on the curb. Bless her heart, I gave her a big sweaty hug! 
Mile 12: Seeing the Linville's: stopping to chat with them before trying to race to catch the 5:00 marathon pacer with balloons. (I did at that point!). They were my focus from mile 6 to mile 12!
Mile 19: MY FAMILY!!!! What a wonderful surprise! I admit, I was walking at that point. I LOVED how my dad ran out in the street to take my picture with his cell phone. I laughed and said "Only for you will I run..." One of the guys near me laughed when he heard me say that. 
Mile 22: Bumping into Kim (whom I saw at the start and then lost for 22 miles) and finishing the race with her. Hope she didn't mind all my chatty-ness or my walking pace!
Mile 23: I see my family AGAIN!! YAAY!!! Thank you so much for coming out to cheer me on during that last 6 miles (and what many say and I now firmly believe) is the LAST 1/2 of the race. They caught me walking... again. Introduced them to Kim. I LOVE that they surprised me twice. :)
Mile 26: Kim and I run it in... I hear Dan cheer for me and turn, baffled, to find him in a SUIT of all things. And it was HOT bless his heart!
Finish Line: Dan meets me outside the potty looking handsome in his suit and NEW tie (NICE!) a la Barney from "How I Met Your Mother". He's holding a silver platter with a crushed velvet black box on it. 


I cried! I was shocked at the lengths to which he went to make this one (and only???) marathon so special. He encouraged me at mile 14.5 when I got a tummy ache and later at mile 22 when I told him I was walking more than running. Then, to surprise me with this precious, sentimental medal? Words can not describe my joy.

What does it mean? Well the 26.2 is obvious. "He Runs With Me" is a reference to footprints in the sand... that Jesus goes with me when I run. To that I can truly attest since He's protected me on all those early morning runs and kept me relatively injury free! :) "He Runs With Me" now has dual meaning as Dan and I will be training together to race our first triathlon in April. So precious! I'm tearing up just thinking of it!

What an amazing day. So many people went out of their way to make it special. For that, I will always be grateful. Thanks dear family and friends! I love you all.