Saturday, December 25, 2010

12/25/10 Favorite Picture of Me

So many pictures for 2010. So hard to pick my favorites.
However, these 2 are probably my favorites. 

The above picture was take at the Phoenix Art Museum by Joe. It was after Joe and I went to the Ansel Adams Museum. Inspired by Mr. Adam's amazing work, Joe and I took turns with my camera, taking pictures of each other. It was GREAT fun and I LOVE this shot he took.
The other is this one:
 This was take by Dan and my Dad's 60th Birthday. Love the light and pose, I think it captures me perfectly... actually they both do! Dad's party was a great time and he had a fantastic time!

Oddly enough, both of these pictures were taken in May, just a few weeks apart. Kinda of funny. Thanks to both my boys for being willing to pick up the camera and capture a picture or two of me!

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