Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12/15/10 Christmas Vistors

We've been blessed with many visitors over the holiday season. However one visitor is a staple to our Christmas Season and it just wouldn't be the same with out her!
Christmas 1999 (see my Jalapeno Mustang in the background?)

Aunt Beth (aka Liz) comes ever year for at least a week to hang out with our family and share the holiday. Before marriage and kids and photography, Aunt Beth and I would take a whole day to hit as many used bookstores in the East Valley as we could, in search of rare gem books. We've also seen Zoo Lights, visited the Botanical Gardens Luminaries, gone horseback riding, seen movies and eaten posh meals in Scottsdale. 
2009 Same room as above, different view!

Having her visit is a necessity for Christmas to feel like Christmas. Without her, it's just NOT the same! I'm so grateful that she comes out each year to be with us. Our time with her is cherished!