Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12/07/10 Making a List - Checking it Twice

What is left to do before Christmas?
  1. SHOPPING! (The Kiddo, brother, S-I-L to name a few!)
  2. Write Christmas Letter (check! Delegated that to the hubby!)
  3. Finish picture edits
  4. Finish decorating our candy cane Christmas Tree
  5. Baking cookies for the neighbors
  6. Oh, mailing the Christmas cards
  7. Find all the presents I've hidden thus far this year
  8. Wrap all presents (assuming I found them all)
  9. Thank you gifts for Amy/Ralph and Aunt Betty/Uncle Roger
  10. Mail any packages that need to go out
  11. ??? 
I'm sure there are more items I'm forgetting! So glad to at least have some of the Christmas lights up already this year. It brings me joy to see the twinkling lights on outside the house when I get home.