Sunday, December 5, 2010

12/05/10 Third Half Marathon for 2010

5:00 am get dressed, make breakfast, pack Gu, water bottle and running pack.
6:00 am meet at Susan's. Switch shirts cuz it's darned cold.
6:45 am arrive at Scottsdale Civic Center, get lucky and find a really close parking spot. Check in, put on bibs, store stuff in the car and head to the start line.
7:19 am pre race picture!
7:30 am Race starts.
7:32 am cross the start line. 

My super speedy friends are in my view for about 3 miles, but soon I loose them in the throng. I'm travelling in a circle of a few folks. In particular, I love the girl dressed as an elf with a red feather boa and bright green tall Christmas tree hat. She is super cute!

8:23 am stop at the Paradise Bakery just after mile 5 to make a pit stop. Yup, ran in with my race bib, used their potty and carried on my merry way!
8:33 am Lose a glove, have some super sweet girls behind me find it and run it to me ("Lady in blue, lady in blue... please don't run so fast! You dropped your glove!") They were SO super sweet to return it to me. However, I lost the glove again a mile later and then the other one around mile 10. Guess I'll need to go spend another $0.99 for another set. :)
8:45 am Just hitting mile 7 and still feeling great. However the next 5 miles are going to be tougher. 70 minutes and 7 miles have become bread and butter training runs, however, anything longer is still painful.
9:06 am Potty stop #2... LOONNNGGG LINE!! Come on people, let's go! You're killing my time. :)
9:15 am Still smiling, having fun. Still thanking all the officers who are stopping traffic for us. Enjoying the cheers from the few spectators and kids that are lined along the routes... mostly with dad's who are cheering mom's on. I'm also so grateful for the volunteers handing out water and picking up after our messy selves. THANK YOU!!
9:24 am OOH!! Expresso flavored GU. YUMMY!! Must add to the rotation...
9:35 am OH NO!!! MY BOOTY muscles are freezing up. Right leg is getting stiff and sore. Come on girl, knees up, lean forward, engage those abs.
9:48 am I KNOW THAT BLOND PONY TAIL!!! It's JULIE!! The END MUST be near! YAY!!! There they are, my friends, Julie and Aaron and Julie's Mom... I ask "PLEASE tell me the end is near...". Thankfully Julie says "It's just around the corner, less than 0.10 miles." 
9:49 am HEY!! There's SUSAN and her adorable kiddos.... cheering me on. Thank you so much for the encouragement. 
9:49:30 HEY! LOOK It's the finish line! I ADORE they they say our names as we cross the line. What a great feeling. Get my metal, eat an oatmeal cream pie and call home. No answer, guess I'm heading back to the casa...
BUT before I head back to Chandler, Aaron takes a picture of me and my girls. 
I had a new PR 2:21:48
Age division Women 35-39: 64 out of 83
Women: 337 out of 505
Total: 872 out of 1061
I'm proud of my efforts. Yes, I'm slower than 1/2 the field, but I'm getting faster each run and burning lots of calories for holiday treats (which is the main goal). Marathon doubts continue to plague me, but after a run like today, I can think "maybe it IS do-able!"