Saturday, December 4, 2010

12/04/10 Wonder

Cultivating a sense of wonder... not something I proactively set out to accomplish, however there were a few moments of Wonder that shine from 2010.

Our trip to Israel, in particular, was almost 2 weeks full of wonder! However the hike we took from the top of the Church of the Beatitudes to the Church of the fishes and loaves filled both Dan and I with wonder. To walk the same hills that Jesus walked, hand in hand with my amazing husband... wow. I can still feel the sun's warmth shining on my head and shoulders. I can spy the mustard and caper plants that dot the pathway. I can feel the misty haze that covers the Sea of Galilee the greens, blues and yellows of the hills surrounding us. The calm, quiet and tranquil environment... that makes one feel so close to God. 

Definitely a precious memory that will stick with me always.