Saturday, December 4, 2010

12/04/10 Gracie B's Cheer competition

Gracie B is D and Brian's middle daughter. She is a sweet, kind and beautiful little girl (just like her sisters!). She and her Mom drove up Friday night to participate in a Cheer Competition in Mesa. 
Wearing makeup and her brand new costume, she is ready for her competition. No nerves showing, either! She got her pride tattoo on her cheek and off to practice she went!

She and her team did a FABULOUS job! We adored the littlest kids, they were so cute!
BUT once we got to Gracie B's age group, we saw TRUE TALENT! These girls have obviously practiced hard and knew their stuff! Their lifts were graceful.
Their tumbling and dance moves spectacular! All the girls were full of smiles and joy as they performed. What a great team they made.
After their performance, the littler girls came up to watch the rest of the competition. We saw some amazing stuff! What I loved most was how the other Pride teams supported each other. The older girls watched and cheered for Gracie B and her crew. Later Gracie B and her friends supported and cheered the older girls! So cool to see them cheering for each other!
Icing for this cake? They won first place in their division! CONGRATS GRACIE B!