Sunday, December 5, 2010

12/04/10 Dan's 37th B'day Party

We are blessed to always spend Dan's birthday with family celebrating his special day separately from Christmas (although it is easy to muddle the two together...)

However, each year we try to schedule some time to celebrate with Dan's friends. This year, we brainstormed with our dear friends the Linville's and came up with the great idea of San Tan Flats... just "down the street" from our house!

A decent turn out, we had the Linville's and the Waller's join us! The evening was full of laughs, smiles, stories and plenty of great fried food! The night was gorgeous: warm and with the fire at the girls backs (being fed by our handsome men) it was the perfect evening for an outdoor dinner!

Brad bought Dan this:
From the vendor there drawing. He kept telling the artist what to add into the picture. 1) the cowboy hat, 2) the happy birthday and 3) Dan's signature froo-froo drink.

We soon returned home to the house full of riled up, noisy, brownie sugar high kids (all six of them) and the sweet tolerant babysitter (who was TOTALLY AWESOME!!! She even got out the guitar and sang with the girls!) to sing Happy Birthday to Dan, eat his special yellow cake with chocolate frosting and play Bang!
(It's nice that from this angle you can't tell it's the leaning tower of Pisa Cake.)
Happy Birthday, Baby! I hope you had as much fun at your party as I did! :) We are blessed with some super awesome friends!