Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday October 27, 2010

 I don't normally get the opportunity to see the leaves change color each year. However a day trip to Oregon afforded me this rare treat!

The flight over the Hillsboro before we landed was a delightful sight to behold: Green Pine trees mixed with yellow, gold and orange hues... and then my favorites! The fire red threes - so vibrant and colorful it's hard to believe that the color represents the death of the leaves. In the golden morning light with the low lying clouds hovering beyond... it was a gorgeous and tranquil moment. Fleeting and over too soon, but captured in my memory (if not on film!)
 No rest for the weary: plenty of work to do (if I can tear myself away from Ultra Marathon Man by Dean Karnazes). I got so much done but I was able to stop and enjoy the scenery as we flew by.
 A gorgeous sunset!