Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lots of photos!

I have been SOOOO busy the past few weeks taking pictures for a few classes I'm taking. One is finding the light at clickin' moms the other is an advanced photographers workshop with Maggie Holmes.

Here are some of my favorites from the assignments I've been given:
Dan at work

A self portrait

Dan at home

A windy self portrait (I think I need a hair cut!)

One of "my" daughters

A grumpy (hungry) boy (with lots of glare on his glasses and sweaty from playing at a local indoor bounce jungle)

This next series is a back lighting session the Kiddo and I did on location at what I believe is an old palm tree farm. LOTS of cool old palm trees around. The sun was setting and a storm rolling in made for a cooler evening and spooking rustling of the palm branches. The haze or light coloring on some of the lower down images is intentional... that's the joy of back lighting and flare!




Finally, an indoor session at home:

Don't worry, although he didn't overly enjoy the sessions, he was paid well in Halo Mega blocks.