Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Slow Eater

There is only one person I've met that eats more slowly that the Kiddo. Who? My Grandpa Synk. I remember going to Red Lobster (where, at the age of 11-ish, I fell in love with popcorn shrimp, hated hush puppies and loved watching the lobsters and fish swimming in the tanks) with my grandparents when they would come visit us from Cleveland, Ohio. Grandpa would always be the last one done with his meal. I remember him enjoying a beer with his dinner and I remember the adults would talk for what seemed HOURS before we left to return home for the evening. Thank goodness I had my brother to keep me entertained.
This one? He is just like his great grandfather! He eats so slowly, the last one to finish, usually driving Dan and I crazy. He's especially slow when it's not a meal consisting of chicken wings or brownies. On a good note, his eating so slow means that he really does stop when he's full. I don't force him to finish everything as I want him to CONTINUE listening to his body when he's full. Something, we as adults in our house, struggle with re-learning.

One way the Kiddo's NOT like his great grandpa ? Yup, no beer with his meal.