Saturday, August 28, 2010

What does one do when one can't sleep? Go for a run!

That's what I did this morning when I woke up at 4:45 can couldn't sleep. Out the door shortly after 5 am to do my tempo run. Goal is 10:45 min/mile for 50 minutes. Decided on a whim to head up to the local wildlife sanctuary park.

I saw a TON of jack rabbits as I entered the park in the per dawn twilight. I ran to the farthest end of the park around the fishing lake and two pond/lagoons... then up the hill for some extra cardio work out. 
Super sweaty and happy to be stopping to let my heart rate return to "normal" before running the 2 miles home. I waited and waited for the sun to pop over the horizon but finally bailed when I didn't see the oranges I expected to blossom across the cloudy sky.

I was some what rewarded on the way home as I passed one of the local pastures with some vibrant reds. It was a glorious morning for a run! But I was happy to return home and shower... but less than happy to head to defensive driving school.