Friday, July 9, 2010

S&S - B'day fun

The Living Room: 
That's where Julie, Susan and I went after work this evening. 
It was HOT... we sat outside so we could hear ourselves think (much less talk!) and moved near the door to catch a bit of air conditioned draft anytime someone walked out. Susan and I enjoyed Riesling while Julie had a red.
This is my gorgeous girl Julie. The photo doesn't do her justice as she's not blurry in real life. We lift weights with the boys at the gym. However, we're delicate flowers. I (personally) like to whine a lot when I lift. And curse our personal trainer (who is super nice and positive and will tell you to get your act together when you need it.). I don't know why either of them put up with me, but I'm so glad they do. They make me laugh when I'd rather cry and provide just enough of the competitive spirit to keep me motivated!
This is my famous, fabulous Sandra Bullock look-a-like friend, Susan. She has killer abs. She's an AMAZING, INSPIRING, POSITIVE person and I adore her too. Again, taken with the new camera and not the world's best pictures. She's not red in real life... that's the reflection from the curtain behind her. She is, however, extremely gorgeous. I only hang out with hot, smart chicks. :) Susan is my running side-kick for almost two years now! Saturdays without her and cherry butter are no real Saturdays at all. Lacking those two things, the weekend is bound to be sub par!
This is me. Age 36 years 364 days old. In my PRIME, baby! Muscled, brained, occasionally outrageously self confident and decent looking. By the company I keep: I'm a hot, smart chick, too. I like that. I love my life. An amazing son, wonderful husband, close consistent family, funny intelligent lovely friends. I have my Jesus. I have my downs which make me so much more appreciative of the ups. I am blessed beyond expectations. 
We laughed until we cried. We ate dinner at the Kokopelli Winery and then shared this birthday brownie dessert. Scrumptious food and company all around. A great night with two perfect friends.
Life doesn't get ANY better than this!