Saturday, July 10, 2010


A gorgeous evening with clouds to make for a spectacular sunset.

Dan was ready to play his game, so after he kindly pumped up Joe's bike tires, he retired into the house.

Leaving the Kiddo and I to "walk" which ended up just being a trip to the green area near our house so I could take some pictures with my lensbaby.

The Kiddo tried to ride his bike in the grass, but found it too difficult.

Soon he succumbed to the heat and maybe a smidge of boredom to retreat back to the cool house.

I had the golden hour light left and was in no mood to retreat quite yet despite the heat.
The Mexican Bird of Paradise still somewhat blooming.
Tall trees and a partially cloudy sky with gorgeous colors playing across the sky.
Just me and the camera, no time limits but that imposed by the setting sun.
No pressure, just a mostly empty memory card.
The freedom to play and try something new.
It was a very peaceful way to spend part of the evening!