Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lego Men

Content... that is how I feel! I'm on the couch reading a book, the Kiddo is at the table building his new legos. Toby Mac is on the stereo and I LOVE hearing the Kiddo sing along. I let him build, stage and then take the pictures. All inspired by Balakov on Flickr.

All items titled below by the kiddo.
Wrench versus Light Saber (above)
Everybody (above)
Under Attack (above)
Republic's Ready (above)
Separatists are ready (below)
**UPDATE*** and no one but the kiddo noticed I had the Republic and Separatists labeled backwards... it has now been fixed. :)

Sponge Bob did it again (below)
This face... I haven't seen it for a while. I thought it was his "stressed out" face, but I think maybe it's more his "thinking/concentrating face". I guess it could be both. He had a great time building the legos.
After a hard day of building, it was time for some nice juicy WATERMELON!