Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day: 2010

The Kiddo and I planned yesterday to take the Instigator (aka Dan) out to breakfast to celebrate Father's day. We ended up at Brunchie's in downtown Chandler. For those keeping track, Joe rated their French Toast at #5 (not bad considering that #1 is Denny's... Papa has been pushed to #2 and I've come up to the #4 slot. The Hanger Cafe is still dead last (at like #10) on the French toast ratings.) The boys have hit many places in their traditional Sunday guys breakfast.
What did we do for the hour at the restaurant? One might think we were chatting and catching up. One would be wrong though. Joe was surfing the web on my phone, Dan on his. What were they looking at and sharing? 
Balakov's photostream from flickr. He's they guy who does mini still's of Star Wars Lego figurines. We chatted about and laughed over many of the images. This guy is incredible! It prompted a discussion about getting more Lego guys and letting Joe try some photography of his own. Results to be posted later!
Almost everyone was at church today, we missed Ebony. But it was great to see my brother, his wife and daughter, Spunky Girl - they went on a trip to Belize so we had LOTS of travel stories to share. Lunch at Pita Jungle (a new favorite of mine now) was FANTASTIC!
My brother turned 34 on Friday - we celebrated with yellow cake and chocolate frosting. It was scrumptious!
Spunky Girl wants to make a scrapbook of her travels in Belize... an old fashioned paper and glue kind. Sure hope I remember how to make them still!
It was a great start to Sunday and wonderful to have the whole gang back together again. Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dad's in my life!