Monday, May 3, 2010

Time with the Kiddo

Tonight, Dan is off to the Suns playoff game with friend Bob. So, after feeding Dan a sammy and getting the Kiddo through his homework, we head out to run a bunch of errands. First, the bank, then Chipolte for dinner. The Kiddo gets some ice cream at the gellato store when we're done. 
Then, we head to Barnes and Noble so I can pick up a notebook. The Kiddo buys a book with his allowance. He is in LOVE with the magma style comic books about Bakugan, Pokemon or super heroes.
After that, it's off to Costco to buy some staples. However, I forget to buy my Fage greek style yogurt! OH NO! How will I live with out my extra protein. :( 

It's a good night for the kiddo and I.