Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day - by my guys

I am blessed. Beyond anything I ever could have imagined! We are not for want of anything in our lives: spiritual, emotional or material.

So when Dan asked what I wanted for Mother's Day? Breakfast in bed and some heart felt words popped into my head.

My darling men delivered! I woke to the Kiddo in my room ringing a small bell gently prodding me to wakefulness. The delicious odor of pancakes wafting into the room. The Kiddo and Dan whipped up pancakes and bacon for my breakfast - scrumptious! Love those crispy bacon slices.

The Kiddo made a cook book and a construction paper flower in a pot that says his love grows and grows while at school this week. Dan gave me a card with some sweet nothings written on it. Those gifts of words and little acts of love mean more to me than anything else. It was a fantastic way to start my day! 
Thanks guys!