Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Kiddo and Hannah G

These two sweet children started life practically together. Only 6 weeks apart, they have never NOT known each other. Hannah G's mom, D, is a dear friend and sharing the experience of being pregnant, giving birth to and raising our first children together is a bond I shall always cherish.
As for our offspring, in many ways they are very much opposite... boy and girl, tall and petite, youngest and oldest, the list goes on. However, these two are so good for each other. It was been such a joy over past (gasp!) decade to watch the two of them grow together; playing and learning.
Saturday morning finds these two DS loving kiddos up and STARVING! Hannah G specifically requested her mom purchase waffles for their breakfast. When the Kiddo commented he was hungry, Hannah G jumped at the chance to make their breakfast! She cooked the waffles in the toaster and got pancakes from her Dad for their meal.
She then carried them over to the table: LOOK at that GORGEOUS presentation and attention to detail, including a BLUE plate for the Kiddo. (No frilly girl stuff for him!)
Meanwhile, the Kiddo got cups and poured milk for the two of them. Watching them chat and share the work of preparing a meal (and this behavior continued later at dinner) made me realize further the value of their friendship. I later commended the Kiddo on his kind and generous treatment of Hannah G... and Hannah G should be commended as well. The skills they are learning now will be valuable when they are older and as they start to date.

Hannah G and the Kiddo pose

These two do crack me up!