Sunday, May 30, 2010

Israel Day 1/2??

After a 3 hour flight to Atlanta, a 5 hour lay over there and a 12 hour flight to Tel Aviv, we have arrived! Mostly exhausted and afte I post this, I'll be passing out for some REAL shut eye.

All 4 of us arrived well.  I was able to catch 4 movies on the plane ride over... didn't sleep much.
Our first kiss in Israel!
Our first stop was Jaffa - where Jonah was swallowed by the big fish!
The below church has a Jerusalem cross... the 4 dots and cross represent the wounds of when Jesus was hung on the the cross.
The golden hour in Tel Aviv is truly golden! Here is the sky line.
After our quick mini tour, we drove the 5 minutes to the hotel to check in and eat some SCRUMPTIOUS food. (I thought of dear friend D as we ate tiny desserts - tiny foods are always the yummiest!)
More pictures and blogging to come as we are able. We only got wi-fi for 1 hour.. and I'm short on time!