Friday, May 21, 2010

The Incredible Westward Movement

The kiddo's 4th grade play, The Westward Movement, was tonight. With Dan out of town on business, Grandma and Grandpa attended this awesome event with me.
He was super nervous about having to say his lines, but did a fantastic job!

The play covered a number of different events including: The Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark Expedition with Sacajawea, the Trail of Tears, Wagons West, the 49er's at the Californ-eye-ahh gold rush and the transcontinental railroad. Tying it all together was the postal woman, delivering packages and acting as the fabulous narrator.
One of his lines was "I'm looking for my snake." and one of the students tossed out this rubber snake to land two feet from me! It definitely gave me a shock (which Joe was glad to hear!).
Each student in the two combined classes had a speaking/character role. It was managed perfectly and a great way to highlight each child. Everyone did a fantastic job and I'm still singing "Going West..." this morning.
He's so relieved to be done!
We celebrated his success afterwards with an ice cream bar and some Mythbusters on TV. Dan arrived home safely from his business trip shortly after.