Sunday, May 2, 2010


Meet Doodle.
She is the youngest of D and Brian's girls, born a few short weeks before Dan and I were married in 2004, Doodle will always have a very special place in our heart. 
As the youngest of three girls, she can sometimes be a little bit dramatic, as evidenced by the above photo... a sweet smile as she recovers from the tears incited by a perceived injustice. Her true nature is a sunny disposition. 
She astounds me with her insights on the world - this weekend she read to us and I must say, I was VERY impressed with her skills! She finds contentment hanging out with the adults if the older kids are off playing.
She and Dan also have a special bond. She LOVES to use Uncle Dan as her own personal climbing gym. And she's tiny enough that Dan can just toss her around like a toy doll. Doodle LOVES it!

Full of energy, spunk and life, we adore our little Doodle!