Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcoming a Subaru Forrester to the family

With my faithful steed, the 2001 champagne 5-speed Toyota Camry CE, at 125K miles and needing a little more work to keep driving it's time to make a decision. Invest more money in this car or sell it and purchase something new to last me another 9 years. After a few weeks of deliberation we decided to fix the car. 

Then, we completely changed our minds after a trip to the Subaru dealership where I fell in love with the Subaru Forrester's GIANORMIOUS sunroof! I took it for a test drive and really liked it. Dan and the Kiddo did as well. 

A week later, we decided to test drive the Toyota Rav 4, the only true competition for the Forrester. Dan and I test drove the Rav 4 to pick up the Kiddo at his Dad's house. After the short drive, it's time to poll the occupants. Which vehicle do we like better? It's unanimous, the Forrester wins! With that, we head out the door at Toyota to the Subaru dealership just down the lot.

At 10:30 pm on 3/31/10 I become the proud new owner of a Sage Green 2010 Subaru Forrester with GIANORMOUS sunroof!
The Kiddo hanging at the dealership as we talk numbers... it was a long night and he was so patient.
Should have put on that make-up this morning, but at least Dan looks handsome as ever.
My new baby... historically, I've named the vehicles I have driven: the yellow Chevy truck was Big Bird, the 1993 Ford Escort hatchback GT was GoesTurbo, and the Green 2000 Ford Mustang was Jalapeno... Sadly the Camry never had a name, but I think Trusty Steed certainly fits. What will my Forrester's name be???
The next day, I got a "walk through" from John on the Forrester and dropped it off to have an interior light repaired. Then, I left it the dealership in my Camry to meet a prospective buyer. In 45 minutes, we worked out a deal and sold the Camry, signing the title over. Dan and I celebrated with lunch at Subway. Dan dropped me a Subaru to pick up the Forrester and then head home for more work.

In all honesty, I was sad to see my baby Camry go. It was a VERY good car that treated the Kiddo and I very well, toting us across both town and country many times. It was an extremely reliable mode of transportation and I hope my Forrester is as reliable. So far, I am totally loving it!