Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trial and Error

Sometimes dinners made with the best of intentions are a HUGE flop. I pretty much will eat anything and this was no exception, however my boys are a trifle (okay a lot) more fickle.

Desert Roots has sent me POUNDS of cabbage and I'm looking for any different ways I can possibly find to prepare it. Raw cabbage salads just aren't cutting it these days. So, I went to Eating Well and found this recipe for Beef and Cabbage Stir-fry with Peanut Sauce. Having been to a number of Thai restaurants lately, this seemed like a great option. 

Unfortunately, I didn't have the less sugary all natural peanut sauce and SHOULD have used my natural almond butter, but was afraid Dan wouldn't like the less sugary version. So, I used regular Jiff peanut butter. I think it was a mistake because it made the peanut taste VERY over powering.

Final verdict? Dan ate it. He is SO very good that way and always does - he won't say anything negative unless I ask, but I've gotten good at reading his facial expressions and can guess before I ask what he thinks. Let's just say this item won't be in our weekly rotation. I may try it again with almond butter, but I'm guessing it will stay a "Lisa only" meal. 

Oh, and the kiddo? He liked the beef naked and ate a few of the cooked carrots unadulterated by the sauce.