Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Kiddo gets baptized today!

The kiddo asked Jesus into his heart a few years back when Darrin was still living with us, but he was too afraid of being baptized to actually do it in public. A week after his 10th b'day the Kiddo came home from his Dad's saying that Jesus talked to him and wanted him to be baptized. We did an in home baptism with Dan in our bathtub, but it didn't seem quite right. After all, this is to be a public expression of the Kiddo's new faith...
Since it was baptism weekend at our church Dan and I pulled the Kiddo from the kid's class. After watching a few folks go through the ceremony with Pastor Jeff, Dan and I convince the Kiddo there is no better time than the present! The Kiddo is on the verge of tears and scared but we head off to do a quick clothing change, grab Granda and Granpa and return to the baptismal pool.
Apprehensive: that's what this shot says to me. Hang in there buddy, you can totally do this! Nothing to be afraid of!

(He looks almost as tall as me here... but I'm on a step already. I know it won't be long till he is taller than me!)
The water is warm as we walk in, the Kiddo is fighting tears (and he's winning the fight!). By now, the post 8:30 am service crowd has thinned out so there are only a few folks in the baptismal area.
Still feeling a little apprehensive, the Kiddo answers Pastor Jeff's questions about his belief in Jesus with the utmost sincerity and confidence. I am so proud of his assertions despite his fear!
 I have the honor of actually performing the baptism with Pastor Jeff's help.
It's all done! He was so scared but acted SO very brave!!
Soaking wet: "Mom, my glasses are all wet!"
With a HUGE hug from me "See it wasn't so scary!" You can see a SUPER proud smile on that boy!
 After a BIG hug from Grandma, who is VERY proud of the Kiddo...
...and a BIG hug from Dan, who is VERY proud of the Kiddo,
we head up to the table and take communion together. His first time ever and I walk him through the meaning and symbolism of it as a refresher.
Later, after we've changed, Papa gives the Kiddo a BIG hug in service. He was kind enough to take pictures for me while I was in the pool.

The Kiddo's still a little shaky from his experience so deicides to join Grandma and Grandpa for "grown up service" instead of returning to the 4th grade service. Grandma says that Pastor Roger's sermon has an impact on the Kiddo as she sees him understand what is being preached. 

Dan and I leave him in my folks capable hands as we head off to take care of toddlers.
Post church, we head to the Kiddo's choice of restaurant: Red Robin. Yum!!! What a wonderful day. It's so great to hear him talk about the experience later in the afternoon. It had a huge impact on him and he's proud of himself. I also see evidence of him continuing to hear God talking to him. I'm so proud of his walk with our Lord and Savior and can't wait to see what great things our God has in store for him!