Friday, April 30, 2010

Grand Canyon

The Kiddo's school often goes on field trips throughout the year. Last year I was lucky enough to be a parent helper and take the kids to the Science Center. We had a blast. 
This year was a day trip to the Grand Canyon. I was not lucky enough to get selected to be a parent helper, however I did take the Kiddo in for the drop off. I've NEVER had this kiddo watch the clock so closely! He gave me 5 minute updates on the time, making sure he wouldn't be late. "Mom, it's 5:45" "Mom, it's already 6:05!!!" Finally, as we loaded up, he did his traditional push out from the garage.

He was SOOOO excited to be on the cool black diamond bus!

Having packed his winter coat, hat, gloves, lunch, game boy, camera etc. he was ready to get this trip started. After checking him in, he went with his friend's mom and they loaded onto the bus. 
With barely a hug good bye and he was off! HOWEVER, he wasn't so into it as to not give mom a smile and an excited wave good-bye as he boarded the bus!
Do you see the smile as he boards the Black Diamond.
"Aurgghhh, matey...  Jack Sparrow boards the Black Pearl!"
We prayed in the car when we got to school, I think that helped calm his nerves.
They arrived safely to snow and COLD!!!! They got to watch a wall of snow/ blizzard come in while they were hanging out at the Canyon. They went through exhibits and learned something I'm sure, but most the stories, upon his return, related to Pokemon DS battles, crazy cold weather and snow, McDonald's hamburgers with onions (that he ate anyway) and silly things his friends did.
The Kiddo took this way cool shot! Is that the wall of snow coming towards them? NEAT CAPTURE KIDDO!
I received a call from the kiddo at about 8pm letting me know their bus had gotten a flat tire. They were waiting for a replacement bus to show up and bring them the rest of the way into town. They were stuck on the north side of Phoenix Metro. Soon, that time got pushed to 9:45 pm... which is when they actually arrived back to school. Notice anything different in the AFTER picture of the bus?  The kiddo thought the missing tire was way cool!