Thursday, April 22, 2010


I'm just back from an overnight trip to Oregon. Not having really seen or talked to my man in 3 days, I was ready for some quality alone time with him. So, asked him to lunch and off we went. After much debate, we headed to Garcia's Mexican. I LOVE their avocado chicken salad: no tortilla bowl, extra lettuce, dressing on the side. He had the enchilada special. Chips and salsa to nibble as we wait for our order.

Over lunch, we chatted about lots of stuff. Volunteer opportunities, our awesome church, the upcoming Israel trip, friends, family and what they are up to. Nothing super serious, until I broached the Kiddo's new "buddy" at school. This friend seems to be bad news and Joe has come home with bruises from this kid. I was asking Dan how he thought we could best manage the situation. He had some great insight and volunteered to talk to him at his next guy's breakfast. I'm hoping to help steer the Kiddo from this friend but need Dan's help to get there.

The time over lunch reminded me that Dan is the yin to my yang, the black to my white... he's a great counterbalance for me... and I think I do for him as well. Sometimes our differences cause strife but more often than not, his insight are just what I need to put things back in perspective or put a different view on a situation. The best part? He can do so with a light heart, smile and joke. I so value that about him!