Monday, March 22, 2010

What I've learned....

I'm sitting here at work on a Monday morning reading the Pioneer Woman's blog on cooking Tom's Trinidadian Chicken Cury. As she's mentioning ingredients, including the whole fryer chicken she cut up it dawned on me how much I learned in 2009. I kinda noodled on for a while thinking of some of the amazing things I accomplished and learned in 2009 and thought I should share. This is by no means a comprehensive list but captures some things I don't want to forget!
  1. I know how to cut up a fryer chicken and have done so on numerous occasions!
  2. I can cook healthy! And my boys will eat it! YEAH!
  3. I started the year injured, not sure if I'd be able to keep running. I realized how much I LOVE running and then went on to finish a 1/2 marathon in the hills of San Francisco. I pushed my body beyond what I thought it was capable of and came out stronger and more confident through the experience.
  4. I started my own business at God's prompting and have been blessed beyond measure in regards to it! Dan, friends and family have supported me in the endeavor which exceeded anything I could have imagined as possible for my first year. 
  5. Broken trust takes a long time to build back, but it is possible!
  6. I have yet to meet a vegetable I DON'T like.
  7. Dan is my biggest advocate. I value him standing by my side through all circumstances and cherish his insight. He is my perfect counterbalance, helps me make sound decisions and keeps me grounded.
  8. I was challenged at work and rose to the occasion! Yet again, God showed me I'm capable of more than I ever dreamed.
  9. I re-learned how to tie my shoes so they don't come undone. 
  10. God is ALWAYS there... sometimes closer, sometimes farther but He is there, He loves me and continues to guide me... and sometimes, I'm smart enough to listen. He gives me what I need when I need it... and I'm learning to trust His timing.
  11. Sometimes, your body says "enough". Sometimes you need to listen to it. 
  12. I CAN keep the weight off!
  13. My photography WILL continue to improve with every image I take.
  14. I learned to pole dance... thus proving that I CAN learn to dance (sorta). Memories of a dance class I took in 5th grade still haunts me... in any case, I have a 3rd fall back career should I need it.
    1. Yes, just kidding...
    2. Or am I???
  15. Helping your dear friend by learning to score for an Ac Dec school event can be stressful but more rewarding than you ever thought possible.
  16. Spending a week on a boat with dear friends in the Mexican Riviera can be one of the best vacations of your life!
  17. I adore my son and his sweet voice, that kid can sing and he has an ear for music!
Well that's all I can think of for now, but that's a lot for an 30 something year old... Who says you can't teach a middle aged dog new tricks?