Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break

Spring Break is always a little weird around our house. The Kiddo goes and spends LOTS of time with my retired folks and his Dad. So, we don't see him much. I miss him, he misses us... it's a long quiet two weeks. In order to spend at least SOME time with him, we usually will meet for dinner before he goes back to spend the night at my folks house and then over to his dad's house.

This week we hit Chipolte. One of my FAVORITE things about THIS Chipolte is the colors and the lighting. I have taken some of my favorite images in this store... The light can be just perfect!
It ended up being a total family affair! My brother is back from Europe where he was training at his employers main office. While there he traveled to Turkey and other areas for visits. I love that he ALWAYS sends postcards (where's my Turkey edition?) and brings us magnets.
Kenzie is SUPER happy to have her husband home as its been almost 3 months! Did I mention he was IN Turkey when the earthquake hit? He didn't feel it, but he WAS there...
Spunky Girl sat across from her playmate and friend, the Kiddo. Eating a tortilla and drinking an Izze. The Kiddo wanted a drink like that soooo much. He was DENIED!!!! (having already eaten way too much crap for the day!)
And of course my folks were there. Dad at the far end of the table. Yes, maybe not the most attractive picture, but at least his mouth wasn't full!
And my Mom... we've been discussing and searching for light weight washable clothes for our pending Israel Egypt trip. As such Dan and I found the exofficio website. They are having a 25% off on their awesome undies... go check it out if you haven't!

Last but not least are my boys. Not sure WHY Dan was wearing his shades IN Chipolte, yet here he is. He looks great, so no complaints from me!
LOVE this one... you can see the reflection of the Kiddo in Dan's shades AND me... I should have put the Kiddo in the light as my hands GLOW! Love the Bokeh in the background as well.
He's such a good little poser... even when he is SICK of me taking pictures! This is his fake smile tho.. he picked it up from Beka, one of his older sisters. 
And this one is blurry, but I love it. My boy. His Mama... can't wait to have him back at the house next week!