Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Kiddo Turns 10!

I can't believe my baby is hitting double digits... the big TEN! We spent some time doing a photo shoot in the post rain, green covered desert. Played with Photoshop for some of the images, too.

Favorite Color: Dark Blue
Favorite Restaurant: Chipolte

Favorite Song: Fire Flies by Owl City

Favorite Time of Day: Recess

Best Friend: Aiden V.
Favorite book: Bone

Favorite Holiday: Christmas
What do you want to be when you grow up? Soldier
What do you like to do best at grandma and grandpa's house? Play with Spunky Girl

Favorite animal: Cat and/or lion... wait, dragon. Yeah, dragon. Why dragon? Cuz that's the Chinese animal for the year I was born.

Favorite toy: Silver ship (Star wars Die cast ship) Nabu ship that Padame rides in.

Favorite subject in school: Science
Do you feel older? Yes, I feel older. Definitely.
This year's cake: Halo Helmet: chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate fondant.

Favorite piece of clothing: Pants
Favorite dessert: Candy or Ice Cream

What do you want to do at 10? Move on to the 5th grade

Favorite outdoor activity: Water gun fight.
Favorite movie: GI Joe

Favorite thing to do with Mom: Watch TV and bake
Favorite thing to do with Dan: Play Call of Duty Special Ops
Favorite thing to do with Dad: Rock climbing

Favorite Adventures in Odyssey CD: Double Play
Who's your girlfriend? NOBODY!!!

Best memory of being 9: joining up with Harrison and being friends again.
the Kiddo was baptized in Feb 2010 at age 9

Shoe Size: men's 9

Favorite thing Mom cooks: Hamburgers
Favorite breakfast: French toast (preferably by Grandpa)