Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter Camp

My boy is growing up! He's off today to Winter Camp at our church. He has been sooooo excited with maybe a little bit of trepidation coming through.
Balancing the pillow and waiting for the bus to leave.

The boys and the adult who ends up being their cabin sponsor.
The Kiddo is lucky, he knows at least two of the boys going on the trip.
This could very well be the first signs of a bit of nervousness on the Kiddo's part. He's been so excited all day, but maybe a little nervous, too.
Okay, I'm not immune, this pulls on my mommy heart string. :( Don't be scared, hon! I know I reminded you a million times to "Listen To Your Body", but really you ARE going to have a BLAST!
Getting directions from Chris."If you are caught with a cell phone and it is better than mine, I WILL take it for my own." Said with a smile. Chris is awesome.
The Kiddo and his group.
THERE's that smile I know he'll be wearing all weekend!
Loading onto the bus (FINALLY!). I stayed until the bus left the lot, making sure to make lots of funny faces at the Kiddo to keep him laugh. Soon, he'll go on these trips and be too busy chatting with his friends to wave good-bye to mom and sneak in a blown kiss to me! And neither of us cried!

Have a great weekend, darling! I'm praying for you to have fun and stay safe.