Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day Lunch

My Handsome Husband
We started the day with an 11:15 showing of The Book Of Eli (great movie, by the way). Afterwards, Dan and I head to El Zocalo for lunch. It is the site of our first date almost 6 years ago. Our first date was actually 2/21/03. Afterwards, that first night, we saw The Life of David Gale. There's this crazy sex scene in the beginning of the movie and Dan was so sweetly embarrassed about this on our first date. Afterwards, we enjoyed Italian ice cream and then he took me back to my parents house. We completed the evening with the most perfect kiss. My heart melted right then and there.
Funnily enough, Dan remembered that my outfit at today's lunch VERY closely resembled what I wore the night of our first date. A burgundy top and khaki colored skirt with heels. The pearls are new this year, but otherwise, a very similar wardrobe choice. Dan looks dapper in is ExOfficio garb and OC shades.!
Her meal
His meal
Scrumptious chocolate cake with fried ice cream that we shared. Delicious.

A wonderful date day followed by an evening at home with our dear boy, Joe.