Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Dan scored some free tickets to the Suns game from a co-worker. (THANKS, BOB!!!) After a quick call to my folks, Grandpa volunteers to come watch the boy so we can head out to the game!
Dinner for them is pepperoni pizza and wings. Joe is in heaven having wings for dinner.
These two have such a great time together! Despite Joe needing to work on his spelling words and finish up some homework, I know the boys will have a great time.
My Dad cracks me up... this rough, tough guy who raised me and would yell when we left the lights on in bedrooms we weren't currently in, is now wrapped around this little boy's pinkie finger.
Joe can pretty much get away with almost anything (Except maybe dis-respecting him or Grandma) while papa is on kid care duty. Tonight, despite having been home sick all day and KNOWING the rule is NO X-BOX when your home sick, he selectively keeps that information from Grandpa and gets to play his favorite game... with Papa as audience. Joe is truly in heaven!

Meanwhile, downtown, Dan and I have a smashing good time at the Suns Game. The Suns win and we enjoy the game immensely. I hope we get to go again soon!