Saturday, February 20, 2010

Running pictures

I'll be the first to admit, I'm a morning person. Sometimes I think it drives Susan a bit bonkers, yet she tolerates me anyway. I am grateful to and for her! Over the course of many weekly runs, running through many gorgeous sunrises, we have always said that "One of these days we just need to come out here for a walk and take pictures and enjoy the morning!"

Due to my lingering illness and cardio issues and her slight knee pain, we decided this morning might be a good opportunity to capture some images. Planning to run 3 to 4 miles, we head out... and I hand carry my Nikon D300 SLR. It weight a good couple of pounds and is NOT easy to run with. In case you are wondering, it is also NOT soft. At all. It has many sharp hard corners. I don't recommend running and hand holding a DSLR. Trust me. :)

Regardless, I captured some of our favorite land marks and thought I would share a few:
I LOVE this tree. If you look closely, you will see steps that at some point led up to a club house of some sort, I'm sure. The dead remainder sits at the edge between the golf course and the canal trail. I always image laughing children and a farm house surround by fields of crops from "back in the day". It makes me sad to think of the loss of that farmstead and progress and building has moved across the valley.

This field is at mile 2.2 - ish (and our turning around point today). It's just north of an electrical substation and in the cooler months, you can find sheep grazing in the fields. There is also a dog kennel across the field about a 1/2 mile to the west where we'll hear the dogs going berserk in the early morning. 

I think this is my favorite image of the day. It's a tree along the edge of the golf course. The flag in the background gives you some indication of its size and the clouds over head add to the sky. This tree is about 3/4 of a mile in from our start point and we stopped for pictures on the way back out. Within 45 minutes of completing our run, the ran came in. Our run back was tough as the wind was pushing against us the whole time.
Same image (obviously) in B&W

This copy of the image is my favorite... It's processed in Photoshop to be an "Infrared" picture. Gives it a unique twist and I love it!