Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lost Dutchman (part 1)

Today is the big day. Race day. It's been a TOUGH road getting here. Injury to my rib prevented me from doing cardio in late January to early February. Then, as soon as my ribs were healed, I caught a head cold further monkeying with my cardio sessions. I haven't had a decent cardio work out since my 8 mile run on January 16 with Susan. To boot, Susan has injured her knee and isn't going to make today's race. I'm running solo, hoping for a time less than 3 hours. Hoping to run the 1st half of the race and then walk run the final 6.8 miles. That's the new modified plan.

A gorgeous sunrise over the Superstition Mountains. It was dark when I woke up and left for the rodeo grounds, breakfast in the car was a BUNCH of water and an english muffin with almond butter and my favorite cherry butter.

I wandered around the area to see what was going on and try to stay warm. Hit the potty twice (oops, TOO much water!) and enjoyed some people watching. 

There are only 1100 people racing the 1/2 marathon today (compared to the 60K+ in San Francisco) and I'm near the front of the pack in the race chute. You can just barely see the guy on the podium to the left who's playing music and entertaining us in the last 10 minutes before the race starts. 

3.2 miles in, there is "THE WALL"! The full marathon starts in the Superstition Mountains and runs to Prospector Park. All the other races start at Prospector Park and return to Prospector part. So, the 1/2 marathon will be 6.55 miles out and then turn the return trip back.

In mile 4 (about 4.5) I see the first 1/2 marathoner returning to the start. He is hauling booty! We're about 45 minutes into the race. I cheered him on as he passed and then carried on my merry way.

1/2 way mark and I have a volunteer snap a quick photo of me before I start the 6.55 back. I struggle the last half of the race as any food consumption gives me cramps. But that's okay, I don't get discouraged and keep on going. After all, it's a GORGEOUS day and I stick to my plan of walk/running. I end up trading places with lots of great ladies (and men) to finish the race in 2:45:15, 918 out of the 1100. 
Joe wore my free Lost Dutchman Marathon shirt all day to support me! When I arrived home, I showered and got dressed. Dan was coming home to meet me for lunch. Dave's BBQ and a HogWild Beer. SCRUMPTIOUS!