Sunday, February 21, 2010

A lesson in savings?

Joe mentioned to Dan and I earlier this year, "When I turn 10 I can save my allowance for 10 whole weeks and then I'll have $100! To which Dan responded, "If you start saving now, we'll give you the raise early and you can start working towards your goal!". Well with the help of some Christmas cash and extra chores, tooth fairy visits and a Valentine's card from his Grandparents, Joe earned his $100 in about 6 weeks.
So after lunch at Dave's BBQ, we headed to the Lego store at the mall. It was packed with lots of folks either celebrating birthday parties or looking for gifts for little ones. We encouraged Joe to buy something BIG instead of smaller stuff he can normally afford on his weekly allowance.
We ended up spotting him a little bit of cash and bought a special anniversary edition Tantive IV. We built it as a family this afternoon and got it done in about 3 hours while watching The Mummy Returns (I hope Joe doesn't have nightmares!). It turned out very COOL!