Sunday, February 21, 2010

He's Home!

Here we are at Church, waiting for Joe's imminent return. 1PM the buses are supposed to arrive, I have no doubt they might be a few minutes late, but hopefully not horribly so. it's a chilly rainy day in the valley. No phone calls from the camp, so I believe Joe survived the weekend.
The bus pulls in a few minutes after 1PM and parents accumulate to collect their children and their luggage, then load up their tired campers to head for home. I see the rest of Joe's cabin depart from the bus... but where is my boy? Did he remember to get on the bus to come home? Completely unfounded fear, but it did briefly cross my mind.... 
Oh, WAIT!!! This kid looks familiar... He's one of the last ones off the bus and leaps happily to us for a hug! We gather up his things and head out to lunch at Dave's BBQ. We're ALL hungry!
Highlights of his trip: It snowed most of Saturday morning and they had a snow ball fight Saturday evening/ night with Scott (Joe's cabin leader). He came home singing songs from camp and learned a number of Bible stories. They played lots of tag and Joe and friend Jacob even went for a hike... by themselves! He didn't freeze although it WAS chilly up there. He slept on the bus on the way home. He listened to his body, no accidents, YEAH! He's exhausted as evidenced by some crying upon arriving home as he got frustrated about bath time vs building his Legos to the movie GI Joe.
What did I learn upon emptying his suitcase to do his laundry? Quite a few things! 1) He didn't change his undies the entire weekend. We're burning the pair he DID wear! 2) He didn't bathe the entire weekend. (quickly remedied with a long soak in Mom's tub) 3) He didn't brush his teeth the entire weekend 4) He didn't forget anything at camp! YEAH!!! 5) He only filled out a small portion of his study guide for the weekend (like the first 2 questions of maybe 30?) 6) Stashed candy... I bet he's crashing from a sugar high!

When asked if he wants to go back to camp in the summer he said NO, however I bet when we get closer to the trip he may revisit that decision. 

I'm grateful my prayers were answered and he is home safely. I'm overjoyed that he had such a wonderful time building bonds with old friends and forging bonds with new friends!