Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Graduation: Level 5

It's true, I've now got 5 garters to prove that I am MOVIN' ON UP in the pole dancing world.
Yes, I said pole dancing. I love it! It makes me happy. I have met some of the most incredible women at Express MiE. Christie, the owner, is an amazing lady whom I completely admire and respect. She learned her skills in California at a studio an actress opened up after she learned to pole dance for a movie role. In just a short year she has built her business and it is BOOMIN'!!!! Her team of instructors are knowledgeable, kind and encouraging.

As a little girl I either wanted to be a dancer or an astronaut. I know, the two are completely unrelated but translate well to my current careers of supply chain manager for a semiconductor manufacturer and photographer. Little bit of smarts, little bit of creativity. So, this dancing fits right in.
What do I love about pole dancing? Well, quite a few things. I'm inspired by the dancing of my fellow classmates. I LOVE the strength required to learn the pole tricks, it is a physical sport! And sometimes scary. I feel victorious after learning a new complicated move. (Did you know there are competitions? And Acrobatics? YUP!!) Although I'm scared to perform in front of the fabulous ladies in our class, I am encouraged and delighted every time I do. My confidence continues to increase each week. Christie often spoils us with a flower at the end of class as well. Finally, and most importantly, I love that each week I get to spend 90 minutes with my darling, beloved friend Pam. She is an exercise buff, Christ dedicated woman, super smart and, simply put, an AMAZING woman that I am blessed to know. Sharing this journey with her has been wonderful.

The ultimate compliment from attendance occurred this week when Christie asked Pam and I to become instructors upon completing our level 7 training. I can not wait! What a privilege to be thought of for this position and I'm so excited to participate!