Sunday, February 21, 2010

Anniversary Breakfast

6 years ago today, Dan married both Joe and I. He said the sweetest thing to me this morning, looking deep in my eyes he said, "Marring you was the best thing I ever did." Wow! Melts my heart and I don't want to ever forget those words.
We celebrated with Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Roll Pancakes... Delightfully delicious! I think if I made this for Joe it might just put me at the top of the pancake ranking. One can hope as I'm woefully near the bottom of the ranking at this time.
We also enjoyed a class of bubbly for breakfast in the goblets we used for our wedding toast and watched "The Life of David Gale" which was the movie we saw the night of our first date. One of the many things that melted my heart towards him that night was how embarrassed he was by the sex scene near the beginning of the movie. He thought it inappropriate for a first date and even apologized for it! What a dedicated Christian Man I had found... praise God! We ended our first date with a kiss... the sweetest kiss that melted my heart. I was and still am head over heels in love!
We enjoyed some quite time in the morning until Joe arrived home from Winter Camp with the church.