Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lovely Rain

I have to tell you, I ADORE all the rain we've been getting. It's delicious AND hasn't been impacting my 1/2 marathon training too much. No, instead, my training is being hampered by my rib injury. No fun there, but the rain? The rain is lovely!

Well it's lovely when you are inside, all toasty warm and sipping a cup of hot tea.

It's time to get Joe from school... it's been a wicked rainy, wet, windy day as I leave the comfort of my space heater and warm tea to pick up the lad. I actually have had the windows open all day to air the house out. It worked like a charm.

Took the flash to brighten him up just a bit.That's MY mountain in the background. Love it! The sunlight dances on it and I can't wait for March when all the encilia farinosa (ooh, did you KNOW I knew the Latin name for brittle bush? Thanks college landscape plants class!) starts to bloom and the mountain turns yellow!
We even have our own lake! Check that out. Boy, grab the canoe and let's see whats out there. Oh, never mind. Despite the rain it's only 3 inches deep!

This is the happy part of the day. Soon the wicked wind will work evil on our house... but that's for another post.